Dempsey Ventures

Industry Knowledge.
Founding-Owner Experience.

Founded in 2006 by Daniel J. Bowen, Dempsey Ventures is an active holding company with a focus on medical products. Dempsey Ventures makes controlling and minority investments while participating in the operations and management of the companies it controls.

In 1999, Dan formed Aspen Surgical Products and purchased a few single-use surgical product lines from a public company which was trying to raise cash. He grew that business over ten-fold and sold a majority interest to RoundTable Healthcare Partners in 2006. Dan is a founder and operator of medical products businesses who understands the concerns and goals of owners who are looking to sell their company or partner with an equity investor. Why? Because he has been there.

Dempsey Ventures seeks acquisitions based on the following investment criteria:

Size. We focus on businesses with $2 to $20 million of EBITDA, but will consider opportunities outside this range.

Type. We consider buyouts of private companies or non-core divisions of larger companies, growth capital investments and recapitalizations resulting in Dempsey Ventures obtaining a controlling interest. We prefer to maintain a continuing relationship with the selling owner and the current management.

Industry Focus. We look for growing or mature companies in healthcare products manufacturing and/or distribution, but will consider investments outside of healthcare. We currently have a particular interest in respiratory/anesthesia acquisitions for SunMed.

Geography. We concentrate on companies based in the U.S. but portions of the sales and operations may be international.

Investment Term. We have no set investment term. We do not have any limited partners or institutional investors requiring a shorter investment term. Dempsey Ventures invests its own capital and is not constrained by pre-set holding periods. Our capital is more patient than a private equity fund.